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I Love TLC and I'm a big fan :D



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Has anyone seen The Book Of Life? 

27 deviants said No ._.
8 deviants said Yes :D

Random <3

I just deleted some of my old and imcomplete fanfics on . I'm actually glad i did that because most of the stories I discontinued, I saw no use of keeping them up, so I deleted them, which is great because I can now focus on my other stories without worrying about the discontinued ones and stress :D I have 8 chapter stories and to me, that's a good amount. But if it was 16 discontinued stories and i am glad that I don't have that many. it would be a nightmare Lol 
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Brittney Robinson
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Hi! my name is Brittney but most people call me Brit or Brit-Brit :D

I'm 19 years old, I love to write fanfiction. It's my whole life and I love to be creative and original :D I'm outgoing, nice, funny, friendly, Quiet and imaginative person once you get to know me :3 I'm so so obsessively in love with writing fanfiction :D Can you blame me ? x3 Writing is my true love and really enjoy and love doing it so much. I'm not really novel materiel and I don't plan on writing one anytime soon but I'm planning to make it into the film business to be a script writer or whatever it is lol so yeah, I'm looking forward to reach my career as writer for movies :) Icon: keep writing. by EmonyJade I Heart Writing Free Icon by SleepingInTheShadows

I'm Christian and a believer in God and Jesus <3

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Remember God and Jesus Loves you :heart: :D

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My Baby :love:



A/N: So what inspired me to write this is that I got into a little tiff with the most ignorant, evil and sociopathic woman I have ever met on Facebook, all because I said I would never put my hands on my kids (if I have any one day) for personal reasons that I’m not telling what happened afterwards. 

It’s just- GOSH! People can be just so evil and sociopathic, it’s sad actually. Aside from what happened in that ignorant group facebook convo. I hope you all enjoy this one-shot fan fiction.  Also this isn’t meant to offend anyone, but I apologize If this did.

Hi, My name is Maria.

I’m Twenty five years old and I am happily married to the person who has been through it with me since we were in high school, my best friend. And I also am blessed with two beautiful children, a boy and a girl.

Seven, I remember when it started they started using “it” and when I say it, I mean the belt. It didn’t really help me become a better person. All I learned from it is that, “Never get caught” .

“ARE YOU GONNA DO AGAIN!?” WHIP! “HUH?! HUH?!” More whips again.

“NO DADDY! NO DADDY!” I screamed in pain and fear. I remember the leather being forced down upon my skin and trust me, it hurt me pretty bad. My father’s face was tomato red and my mother was standing there enjoying of what was happening. It pained me of experiencing someone you’re supposed to love and you’re supposed to protect you with all your heart hurt you like this?

Do you know how this shit made me feel? How it made me feel so unloved?! Even though my parent claimed they did this because it was “out of love” . Really now? I didn’t feel all good inside when they whipped and hit me. All I felt was flat out pain from people who are supposed to be my role models, my guides, my protectors and it was like hell for me.

Can imagine your own parent AKA the one who’s supposed to protect you, saying “Talk to me like that again and I’ll put you in a hospital” or “I’m gonna beat your ass!” or even, “Don’t make me smack you!” It doesn’t make any sense at all. How could anyone approve of this kind of treatment towards their own flesh and blood? I may never know the answer to that. To me, that’s just evil. Just fucking evil.  How could you just say that to someone you brought into this world?

They said I deserved it, which is what I thought I did at the time. Every time I did something wrong, they beat for it instead of just talking to me and explain what I did was wrong but NO! “beat her and I’ll bet she’d never do it again!” Which is such a stupid and ignorant thing to say.

I tried to get a close relationship with my parents but the beatings just got in the way. Meaning that it effected our relationship, so it was mixed.

I used to cry myself to sleep at night while holding my stuffed teddy that I named Mr. Ted. I would always talk to him when I’m in my room, it seemed like he was the only one in this world that would listen to me. I still have him to this day and I even gave him to my children as a gift from me.

My mother always said that “Children should be seen and not heard” which is such a bullshit statement like “Hitting out of love”.  

I Couldn’t escape from this hell hole . I was trapped for years in that house with them and it went on and on up until I decided I wanted to move out at eighteen.  My grades were pretty good and my major was drama, I love to act and my favorite actress of all time growing up was Audrey Hepburn.

Just when I thought I was I felt nobody understands me as a person, then he comes along. His name was Taylon. We met in drama class and it was love at first sight. Every time we talked and I was with him…. Everything around me, including my problems disappeared.  We surprisingly had a lot in common, he was going through the same things I went through, like his parents being abusive alcoholics. They would beat him as a discipline just like my parents would and like me, it didn’t make him into a better person. It was like we were meant to meet and become friend then become a couple later on. We were together ever since then.  My parents never found out about him. Ever.

The only people who came to my graduation was my grandpa, my grandma and my aunt. The only supportive people in my family.  After I graduated, I moved out of that house and moved in with my then-boyfriend.

Then a couple years later, we got married and had two beautiful children together (like I mentioned before). My parents didn’t come to my wedding. I sent them an invitation but it seemed like they didn’t want to go, which was painful for me. But that’s okay, Taylan’s parents didn’t come either so I guess you can say were even.

Both of our parents died before our children were born. My parents died because of an overdose and his parents died of drunk driving. But I will admit, even after all the pain they put me through, I still loved them dearly and it was the same with Taylan.

Today, We haven’t hit nor spanked our children (and they are great people.) because What is the point of us doing it if all their gonna do is learn violence is the answer to everything. It’s not love no matter how you put it, there no love in hurting someone, especially your own flesh and blood.

Me, Taylen, Rose and Taylan jr. are now a happy family.

But no matter how happy we are, Those scars that our parents left us will always just stay there. And those memories will never fade but these new memories that I am having as an adult will always overshadow the old ones. And that’s how I want it to be from now on.

There is no love is any form of pain.

Love, Mrs. Maria Rhodes-Miles

No Love in pain
This is a short story about a young woman's survival of corporal punishment. 
I just deleted some of my old and imcomplete fanfics on . I'm actually glad i did that because most of the stories I discontinued, I saw no use of keeping them up, so I deleted them, which is great because I can now focus on my other stories without worrying about the discontinued ones and stress :D I have 8 chapter stories and to me, that's a good amount. But if it was 16 discontinued stories and i am glad that I don't have that many. it would be a nightmare Lol 
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Ever since I saw that Spiderman/Jessie crossover, I suddenly came up with an idea of writing a crossover inspired by it LOL It's X-men evolution & Good Luck Charlie :D Please no hate because I came up with a good plot for it. 

The title of io called 5 Mutants and a Charlie :D I know it's a strange crossover but I'm sure I can handle it well.
The storyline is while The Duncans are visiting New York for a family vacation. While the Duncans are sleeping in their hotel She gets kidnapped by The Brotherhood because apparently (only in this story) Charlie is a mutant but a special kind of mutant but her family doesn't know it. So As they try to "take care" of Charlie, She seems to grow on them and develop a special bond, like, big sibling and little sibling type of bond. So they decide they wanna keep her for a while to "raise" her for mixed reasons. Meanwhile, The Duncans, Especially Teddy are extremely worried and scared that they may never see Charlie again, but the police won't do anything so they go to the x-men for help.

So yeah, that's the storyline 
:) (Smile) Cute right? Ehh, maybe a little but oh well. I look forward to writing it next month and I Can't wait :D 

Notes: In this story, Charlie will not be trying to get rid of Toby. In this story, Charlie loves Toby deeply and she has a close relationship with him :D I Don't like how in the show that Charlie is acting like she hates Toby so I Decided to change that up completely :D That is all.


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