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OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS LOOKS TOO FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!! excited happy Squee! Excited Blush Squee Bounce Neko Emoji-37 (Yay) [V2] Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1] Young Lucy (Excited) [V1] Happy Clap Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Heart Dance) [V6] Chiyo Excited Icon SephirothYayzforCloudyCloud97 Oshawott excited plz 

And OMG Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch TOO!!!! O-O I Love them! I look forward to seeing this movie next year and it will be on my DVD Collection! :D Excited Xeno La Creepy Flail Emotion-Yeeey! 


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OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS LOOKS TOO FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!! excited happy Squee! Excited Blush Squee Bounce Neko Emoji-37 (Yay) [V2] Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1] Young Lucy (Excited) [V1] Happy Clap Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Heart Dance) [V6] Chiyo Excited Icon SephirothYayzforCloudyCloud97 Oshawott excited plz 

And OMG Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch TOO!!!! O-O I Love them! I look forward to seeing this movie next year and it will be on my DVD Collection! :D Excited Xeno La Creepy Flail Emotion-Yeeey! 


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Baymax The Robot by WinterMoon95
Baymax The Robot
Disclaimer: I do not own disney/marvel or the big hero 6!

I figured that since that this movie will be premering soon, I thought I make some fanart :D it's not perfect but I love Baymax x3 
Serena and Rini's Arendelle Clothes :D by WinterMoon95
Serena and Rini's Arendelle Clothes :D
Made these the other day, I know they don't look like something people wore in the 1800s or 1700s or wherever Frozen took place lol But I hope you enjoy it :D The pink one is for Serena and the Purple one is for Rini :3

I have a Polyvore page, follow me if you want :D -->…
A/N: WOO HOO!!!! Over 3,000 WORDS! That’s the most I wrote in a chapter story ever! Lol (My one shot fanfic doesn't count lol) I'm so proud of myself because I worked really hard to write this chapter. I should give myself a cookie LOL :D
Anyways, Now before I start this interesting chapter, there is one thing I need to get out of the way. Alright, I don’t mean to be rude but to people who keep asking me this, pleeeease stop asking me if the Serena and Rini are going to transform in this story! It’s kinda annoying and they aren’t gonna transform into Sailor Scouts because, well, I don't want that to happen. So please stop asking me that? For goodness sakes :\
Now that I've gotten that out of the way, enjoy this chapter ;) and this is an almost very long chapter but I'm sure you all wouldn't mind :D
Meanwhile when they were on their way to the guest rooms......
"Oh you guys are going to love it here!" Said Anna. "Oh! And my sister has ice powers too"
"NO WAY!" Serena and Rini both exclaimed, amazed.
"That's so awesome!" Serena praised.
"Yup! She was born with it and I wasn't. OH! Did I mention there's going to be a party in a few days?"
"YEAH! TOTALLY! Kristoff told us! Sooo what's this party for anyway?" Serena asked concernedly.
"Weeeellll..... It’s kind of a special party that we decided to have since we haven't thinking about having one lately" explained Anna, giggling.
"Ah! Like a family reunion or something?" Serena asked.
"Not exactly...... Whatever that is" she replied. "Well! We do have only one family member that's supposed to be coming over a few days before the party, she going to help set up with the decorations and stuff"
"Can we come?" Asked Rini happily.
"Of course you can! Except......."
"EXCEPT WHAT?!" Exclaimed Serena and Rini.
Anna chuckled a little "Except..... It’s not really up to me. It’s up to my sister, not up to me"
"Oh so maybe we can ask her?" Suggested Serena with a smile.
"Oh! I'll take care of that! But don't get your hopes too high, my sister is a very complex person"
Serena and Rini looked at each other worriedly. They knew they only had one goal and that was to get back home, but they also to make themselves at home so they wouldn't feel homesick but they knew they weren't going to be here forever.
They finally got to the guest room. Anna opened it for them and to their surprise, the room was gorgeous! The walls were bright orange, had a diamond chandelier on the ceiling, it also had a balcony but slightly smaller than the one Elsa has, A rocking chair with a cute teddy bear, a few paintings of flowers made by some famous artists, and there were two beds just for the two of them. It was absolutely astounding.
"WOOOOOW!" They both said together. Even Luna was amazed.
"Yup! We still haven't used this room because we barely had any guests until now." Anna giggled.
"Oh my gosh! This room is beautiful!" Serena praised.
"Why thank you!" Anna smiled. "Now please just do me a favor and make yourself right at home. I'll be right back" With that Anna went downstairs to be with her sister for a while, leaving the trio to be comfortable in their room.
Serena and Rini took off their coats and put them in the wooden closet. After they did that, they surprisingly found out that they weren’t wearing their casual clothes like they were wearing back in Japan. It was more like what those people back in that town, not terrible clothing but it was quite comfortable to wear in.
Serena was wearing a regular pink velveteen dress with long sleeves that went up to her wrist, slight bland pink ribbons that were holding her meatball hairstyle, black tights along with black boots similar to Anna’s when she went looking for Elsa last year.
Rini wore a purple dress with medium sized puffs with sleeves that reached up to the middle of her arms, white stockings and black ballet flats with small heels, she also had two dark purple bows in her hairs
“Huh? I don’t remember wearing this?” Said Rini, confused.
“Me neither” said Serena, posing in the mirror and liking what she sees, smiling. “But I kinda like it”
“I guess that snowstorm kind of taken us back in a different time and I guess it changed your modern clothing into this times clothing” said Luna.
“Wow! That’s so cool! Weird. But so cool!” said Serena impressed. “Oh Rini you look so cute!”
Rini giggled at the compliment. “Why thank you Serena”
“You’re oh so welcome, Rini” Serena said, mock bowing.
They both giggled with each other.
Serena hopped on the bed by her back, feeling the soft silkiness of the covers on top of it. "Oh this bed feels so awesome" she groaned feeling relaxed. "I could almost fall asleep in it"
Just as she was dropping her eyelids getting ready to drift off, Luna hopped on top on Serena, snapping her out of it. "SERENA!"
"What Luna?! A girl has to get her beauty rest you know?"
“Serena! We can’t stay here forever! We have to find a way-”
“Back home! I know, I know!" Serena cut off Luna. "But it won't hurt to stay here for a couple days until their party"
"Serena! We don't even know these people! They might be-"
Serena rolled her eyes and cut her off again. "Oh Luna! You nag too much"
"WHAT? I don't do that!" Luna said back, offended.
"Yes you do!"
"I do not!"
"Do too! Do too! Do too!" Serena pulled down her eyelid and stuck out her tongue at Luna.
"Oh grow up Serena!" Scolded Luna. Then she gasped as some came to her mind, she forgot that Rini had a time key, duh! Of course, they went back in time and now they found and easy way to get back!
"What's wrong, Luna?" Asked both Serena and Rini.
"I forgot! How about we use the time key to get back home!"
They looked at each other, looking dumbfounded, "OOOH!" they both said.
"Why didn't we think of that earlier?" Serena wondered.
"Hmm. I guess we were too worried about where we were and how we got here to think about it"
Serena shrugged. "Eh! Seems legit"
"Rini! Do you have the time key on you?" Luna asked.
She thought about if she took it with her, then she remembered that she left it back home in Serena's room.
"Well?" Serena and Luna both said, waiting for an answer.
"I left it back home" she replied. "If I knew we were going to be here, I would of brought it with me"
"GREAT!" Serena groaned. "Just great!"
Luna frowned disappointedly. "Oh dear, Looks like we have to find a way-"
"OH MY GOSH!" A girly voice cut off Luna in surprise.
Everyone in the room turned around and there was Anna standing near the doorway, looking flabbergasted.
"AH! Anna, hehe! Oh what a surprise- how long were you standing there?" Serena immediately wondered.
"D.... Did that cat just speak?" Asked Anna.
"Uh..... We can explain?" Serena and Rini replied, Looking at each other then at Anna.
"A TALKING CAT! THAT'S INCREDIBLE!" Anna said, very impressed.
The two looked at Anna like she was crazy then remembered something, they had a talking snowman! So, it was safe for her to know this since she didn't find it creepy or weird.
Anna jumped over to Luna, causing the cat to freak out.
She pet the cat gently on her head. "Oh it’s okay, don't be scared. I have a talking snowman, so it’s all good"
Luna purred happily, enjoying Anna's soft rub.
"Soooo, can you say something else?" Anna asked.
"Something else" Luna said sarcastically.
Anna squealed for a short time then calmed herself. "Sorry about that" she apologized while chuckling slightly.
"It’s okay" Luna accepted, smiling.
"Soooo, How'd you learn to talk? Magic?"
"It’s a little hard to explain" Luna replied, giggling.
"OH! I almost forgot! Elsa wants to have a word with you guys!" Anna reminded.
"Really? About what?" Asked Rini.
"You'll see, come on! Follow me!" Anna led the way, feeling happy.
Her and Elsa had a conversation about letting the group come to their party but Elsa didn't give a very valid answer so she sent back upstairs to get the group to have a word with them.
They made it downstairs; Elsa's facial expression was calm and relaxed at this moment.
"Hello, Queen Elsa" said Serena. "You wanted to see us?"
Elsa nodded. "Yes I did. Considering the fact that we just met, We're going have to get to know each other before I decide-"
A knock on the door cut off Elsa's talk with the girls. Who was it?
"I'LL GET IT!" Said both Serena and Anna. They looked at each other and giggled.
"No, no! I'll get it Serena" Anna said, grinning.
Anna skipped all the way to the door as if she was six years old again. "Who is it?"
“It’s Meee!” a female voice replied in a silly singing tone. Anna gasped as she knew where the voice came from.
She opened the door and it was a girl with green eyes and short brunette hair.
“RAPUNZEL!” Anna excited blurted out happily.
They both giggled out of happiness and hugged each other.
"It’s so nice to see you, Anna"
"And it’s so nice to see you too. And hey! Where's Eugene?"
"Oh he's here, he just had to make a stop in town to get something" Rapunzel explained, chuckling.
Anna giggled. "Let me guess, something for his hair or something?" She joked.
Rapunzel giggled along. "How'd you know that?"
Anna slightly frowned and raised an eyebrow. "Well.... Uh, I thought- oh never mind!"
"Sooo Where's Elsa?" Rapunzel asked.
"Oh! She’s over there talking to our guests, they're staying with us for a while, come on! I want you to meet them!" She pulled Rapunzel's arm to them.
"Serena, Rini and Luna. I'd like you to meet our cousin, Rapunzel"
"Hi guys!" Rapunzel slightly waved while smiling in a friendly way.
"Hiya! I'm Serena!" She greeted in a friendly tone. Then, she picked up Luna. "And this is my cat, Luna"
"Meow!" Luna said in her way of greeting.
Rapunzel got closer to the black cat, she pat her on top of her head, then noticed the crescent moon on her forehead. "Oh, she's so cute! Is that a crescent moon on her forehead?"
"Uhhh, I rather not answer that question" Serena chuckled rubbing her neck.
Rini tugged Rapunzel's lavender dress "Hiya! I'm Rini"
"Hi there little girl! Oh! You're so cute with your little dress and Pink hair and-"
Rini giggled. "Why thank you" she curtsied.
"You are welcome, Rini" Rapunzel curtsied back. Then she looked over at Elsa who was watching the whole greeting while smiling down.
"Elsa! Long time no see!" She ran over to her and hugged her.
Elsa hugged her back. "And it’s great to see you again too Rapunzel. How are things going with you and Eugene?"
Rapunzel blushed and giggled. "Oh its fine! We're trying to have a B-A-B-Y"
"Baby?" Elsa said with a smirk.
"Uhh?" Rapunzel blushed and looked over to the girls who were giggling at her. She covered her bright red face. "Oh not out loud, Elsa!"
"Sorry, I guess it slipped" Elsa said jokingly.
Elsa then remembered to talk to Serena and Rini. So she walked over to them gracefully and sophisticatedly. "As for the-getting-to-know-you part that we left off, I would like to have a dinner with you tonight"
"YEAH! That way we can get to know each other better!"
"Agreed Anna. Agreed" said Elsa slightly smiling over to her sister.
A door immediately opened causing them to slam on the walls hard. It scared all the girls in the room.
It was Rapunzel's husband Eugene. "I'M HERE! Punzie?"
"Eugene? What took you so long?" Rapunzel asked worriedly.
"I tried to find something for my hair but......"
"They didn't have it, didn't they?" Rapunzel smirked and crossed her arms.
Eugene frowned and nodded no.
"Awww poor baby" Anna teased. "Don't worry, we still have combs from when we were babies" she giggled.
"Hey! Stay out of this okay?"
Anna looked up and pretended she was thinking. "Hmmm let me think, NO!"
Eugene rolled his eyes at Anna’s immaturity.  "Ah! Forget you then!"
"Eugene" said Elsa, getting his attention.
"Oh hey Elsa! Looking good in that dress" he complimented. "Did you lose weight?"
Elsa blinked rapidly, slightly offended. "What?"
"Nothing! Nothing!"
"Hmm. Well, I'd like you to meet our guests, Serena and Rini. They'll be staying with us for while"
"HI!" they both said while slightly waving.
"Hi, nice to meet you"
Eugene suddenly sneezed. "AAAH-CHOO!"
"Bless you!" Everyone said.
"Thank you" he said, rubbing his nose. "Sorry, I'm allergic to cats"
"Oh, I'm sorry" Serena apologized.
"Nah! Its fine, no big deal"
"That reminds me! Eugene, would you mind helping Kristoff decorate the ballroom tomorrow?" Elsa asked.
"Oh sure! No problem" he replied with a smirk and crossed arms.
"Wonderful! Anna? Can you please show our cousin and cousin in-law their guest room?"
"Sure!" Anna agreed.
"Wait! That's our room!" exclaimed both Serena and Rini.
"I know, but we only have two beds, so it looks like you four are going have to share a bed. and You and Rini can share beds, right?"
"Well......" They both struggled to reply an answer, both looking at each other.
"I'm taking that you two don't really get along when it comes to sharing one thing?" Elsa asked. She could tell by the look on their faces that they don't really get along well when it comes to that.
"Oh NO! NO! NOOO! It’s not that, it’s just.... Well, I don't think me and Rini- yeah I admit we don't actually like to share our beds, teehee!" Serena admitted, giggling.
"I see. Well, I guess you two are going have to learn to share it now will you?"
Serena and Rini didn't really have a choice; they just had to do it. They sighed, giving up. "Yes, we will"
Elsa smiled in satisfaction. "I'm glad we have a good understanding. By the way, Rapunzel and Eugene, where are your luggages?" She asked. "We don't have any extra clothing for you two"
"OH! Of course we do Elsa!" Anna said.
"We do?"
"Yes! DUH! Inside the drawers in the guest room?”
“Really? I’ve haven’t been in that room in a while, so I wouldn’t know”
"Oh you don't have to worry about that because Eugene is going to get our stuff, right Eugene?" Rapunzel smirked and crossed her arms, giving him 'the look'
He tried not to look but he couldn't resist. "Oh okay, I'll get our stuff" he said feeling defeated. He sighed. "This is gonna take a while. My back is going to hurt and it'll be your fault"
She smiled in victory. "Awww, I love you too" She teased but at the same time, meant it. "You really are the best husband ever" she gave him a short hug.
"Yeah right, you're just saying because I'm doing your dirty work" he commented under his breath before going outside.
"OH! And don't forget to get Pascal too!" Rapunzel reminded.
He rolled his eyes and sighed irritably "Don't forget to get Pascal too!" Eugene mocked what she said under his breath.
"What was that you said?"
"I said, Of course! How could I forget that little guy? Hehe" he chuckled sarcastically. "How could I forget?"
With that, He went outside to the carriage to get their stuff.
"Oh! As I was saying earlier, we will be having a dinner tonight but at the same time, getting to know our guests here" Elsa announced.
"So I guess we're having..... Turkey for dinner" Rapunzel guessed.
"No, we're having ham. Why?"
"No reason" Rapunzel giggled.
Serena looked down at her clothing, feeling dissatisfied for a little while. "Oh but what should I wear?" She asked.
"You don't have to wear anything fancy, it’s just a dinner after all" said Anna nonchalantly.
"Anna is right, come as you are" said Elsa.
Serena nodded joyfully. "Oh Yes! Yes! Yes! We'll be gladly to come as we are! By the way, is there going to be chocolate cake for dessert, I LOOOVE chocolate!"
Anna gasped, finding out they have one thing in common. "ME TOO!"
"WONDERFUL!" Serena said. They both grabbed each other hands and smiled at each other as if they were best friends.
"I have a feeling that we're going to get along just fine" said Anna.
Serena sighed dreamily. "The feeling is mutual Anna, the feeling is mutual"
"Hey! What about me?!" Rapunzel said.
They looked at each other, then at Rapunzel, smiling, holding out their other hands inviting her to join them, which she didn't hesitate to do.
Rini wanted to join in their little posse. "Hey! What about-
"Hey Serena! I think your hair is just FABulous!" Rapunzel complimented. Just by looking at Serena’s long blonde hair, it reminded her of her long blonde hair that she used to have except it was way longer than Serena’s hair.
"Why thank you, Rapunzel. I will admit your hair isn't that bad either" Serena politely complimented Rapunzel’s hair back.
Rapunzel giggled. "Oh stop it you!"
But they cut off Rini with their talking without noticing. She really felt a little left out. Serena quickly made some friends of her own but she didn't, which really upset her.
Elsa felt bad for her and it reminded her of she felt that way when she was her age so she can relate to her in some way. She went over to have a little talk with her.
"Hey, are you alright?" Elsa asked.
Rink looked up, putting on a fake smile. "Oh, of course. Why wouldn't I be?"
"Seems to me you felt a little left out"
"Who? Me? No I'm not" Rini lied, chuckling. "I'm fine, really"
"Are you sure?"
"Mmmhm! Besides, I have Luna to keep me company" she said, which she knew wasn't true how she was feeling right now.
Elsa still looked a little worried; she kind of knew that she wasn't fine. "Okay, whatever you say" she sighed and slightly smiled a little bit but not much.
Then she suddenly felt a positive vibe towards those two somewhat strange girls. She had a feeling that they were going to grow to on her very quickly, especially during dinner tonight.
A/N: PHEW! That was a lot to write! I worked my butt off to write the "perfect" meeting chapter between two Disney movies and an anime with the editing I had to do and stuff lol it wasn't easy to try to fit them all in one story but I think I handled it pretty well.
Oh! and if you're wondering why Eugene is taking so long getting the luggage, it’s because he's trying to find Pascal LOL XD He's in there, just hiding x3
I hope you enjoyed this kind of long chapter the meeting between the Tangled characters and the Sailor Moon characters. Poor Rini, she's feeling left out :( but don't worry, she'll make some friends :D as for the dinner scene....... That's gonna take a while to write but I'm sure you guys wouldn't mind :) see you guys in chapter 6 and tell me what you think so far! :D <3 


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