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Has anyone seen The Book Of Life? 

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Hi! my name is Brittney but most people call me Brit or Brit-Brit :D

I'm 19 years old, I love to write fanfiction. It's my whole life and I love to be creative and original :D I'm outgoing, nice, funny, friendly, Quiet and imaginative person once you get to know me :3 I'm so so obsessively in love with writing fanfiction :D Can you blame me ? x3 Writing is my true love and really enjoy and love doing it so much. I'm not really novel materiel and I don't plan on writing one anytime soon but I'm planning to make it into the film business to be a script writer or whatever it is lol so yeah, I'm looking forward to reach my career as writer for movies :) Icon: keep writing. by EmonyJade I Heart Writing Free Icon by SleepingInTheShadows

I'm Christian and a believer in God and Jesus <3

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Happy late Anniversaryto Rise Of The Guardians! :D

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 22, 2014, 11:16 AM
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HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO RISE OF THE GUARDIANS! :D I Remember seeing it in theaters for the first time and just obessing over it and Jack Frost xD (Now I obsess over Pitch :love: ) but for me, it was the best animated movie of 2012 :D And It truly touched me in the heart and I'm truly grateful for it to come into my life <3 

That's all I have to say :)

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Happy late Anniversaryto Rise Of The Guardians! :D

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 22, 2014, 11:16 AM
Skin by TMNT-Raph-fan

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO RISE OF THE GUARDIANS! :D I Remember seeing it in theaters for the first time and just obessing over it and Jack Frost xD (Now I obsess over Pitch :love: ) but for me, it was the best animated movie of 2012 :D And It truly touched me in the heart and I'm truly grateful for it to come into my life <3 

That's all I have to say :)

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Journal Entry: Fri Nov 21, 2014, 11:22 AM
Just wanted to let you all know incase you haven't been following. Viz Meda got all the rights to Sailor moon all 5 season all the movies and specials. So what they are doing is release all the seasons online first then releasing them on dvd and blu Ray. So far viz has released sailor moon season 1 part one on DVD and blu Ray season 2 part 2 releases in February. I also believe they started showing sailor moon R online (I could be wrong). Also everything will have new English dubs :D I'm super excited! :squee: 

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A/N: Looks like this is the end of road guys *takes out tissue and wipes tears* This is the end of the chapter :( BUT there will be a surprise ending that will make you go “AWWWWWW” if not then meh oh well. Oh and one more thing! Make sure to read my last author's note because it’s when I’ll tell you what went through my mind when I wrote this story LOL XD Anyways, Enjoy this last chapter guys! :D
Finally. Everything is all back to normal.
It was one heck of a night for the scouts and the guardians, but now it was time to say goodbye.
"It was really nice working with you guys" said Mars.
"Yeah, and I hate to admit it but you gu- I mean, girls aren't that bad yourselves. I mean, we do make a really good team" said Bunnymund.
Tooth agreed and said "Yeah I agree with Bunny. We do make a good team" she grinned.
Sailor Moon rubbed the back of her neck nervously and chuckled goofily. "Hey! next time when there's more trouble, you think we could.... Uh...."
"No need to be hesitate Moonie, of course we can team up again" Jack answered for her.
"Well, We must a be going" said North. "TO THE SLEIGH!"
"Goodbye you guys! I hope we'll meet up again one day!" Tooth waved, along with the others.
"WAIT!" Mini Moon stopped them. She got their attention and they turned around.
"Was it Pinkie?" Asked Jack.
"Yes, what is it Little Pink haired one?" North also asked.
Mini Moon shuffled her feet shyly, looking down at the ground. "Um, I was wondering if....."
"HMMMM????" Everyone including the scouts hummed and got close to Mini Moon wondering what she was going to ask.
"Can I ride the sleigh?"
"WHAT?!" Both parties exclaimed.
"Pleeease???" Mini Moon begged, and then she began to yawn and stretch her arms.
Sailor Moon didn't really approve of that, after almost losing Mini Moon, she wasn't playing about this. "Nope! No way! I am not going to let you hurt yourself on-"
"Woah! Woah! Cool your jets Moonie! It’s safe!"
She crossed her arms, giving him a stern look. "Oh really? Prove it!"
"It has seat belts" said North.
"Hmm, it better have"
Mini Moon yawned again.
"I guess we better get going" Jack picked up the tired little girl in his arms. "We'll drop her off out your house"
"Jack, please make sure she won't get hurt" begged a worried Sailor Moon.
"Don't worry, I promise" he said, smiling at her.
They exchanged smiles, blushing slightly.
"HEY! ARE YOU COMING OR NOT?!!" Both of the groups shouted, causing the two to snap out of it.
"OH! COMING!" Replied Jack and Sailor Moon.
Both retreated into their own parties and they were off.
Before the scouts left after the guardians, The scouts teased Moon about Jack having a crush on her and that they make a cute couple but she got irritated immediately denied it and reminded them that she still has Darien. They laughed throughout the whole way back home.
~Back in Japan~
Serena yawned and quietly opened her house door. Everyone was sleeping peacefully.
"Oh! Rini!" She ran upstairs to see if she was there. She opened the door to her room, and there she was, on the bed sound asleep.
"Rini" she smiled and kissed her forehead. "I'm so glad you're safe"
Serena yawned and stretched her arms.
Knock! Knock! Knock! Went the glass window of the room.
She stomped over to the window and opened it. There was nobody there.
"FROST! I know that's you! So don't try to-" she was cut off by a snowball thrown to her face.
Annoyed, She wiped the snow off her face.
"BOO!" Jack flew up to her, scaring her.
"AH! Frost! What are you still doing here?!" She asked, irritated by him.
"Oh nothing. Just here to say that I saw something beautiful"
Serena tilted her head to the side, confused more.
"What is?"
Jack smiled at her and replied, "You! You're meatball head"
Her eyes widened and she blushed hard. "Oh" was all could she say in response.
He chuckled and blushed. "Hey, its nothing personal, just a compliment that you deserve after what you did tonight"
She slightly smiled, accepting the compliment. "Well, thank you Jack, I really appreciate it"
Jack pushed his hair back and huffed. "Hey listen meatb- I mean Serena, There's something I wanted to tell you"
"Oh really? What is it?"
"Uh..... Well.... You see. I...... You-" he sighed. "Never mind. I better go right now"
"Okay, so.... I guess I'll see you around soon?"
A smile tugged Jack's lips. "Yeah, I guess. See you around Meatball head. Bye"
She smiled, "Bye Jack"
With that, he flew off into the starry sky.
"Yeah, bye" Serena mumbled as she watched him fly off.
Jack was originally just about to reveal his feelings for her, then he realized he wasn't ready to. So he wanted to wait until he was ready to do that. But he wasn't sure if Serena felt the same way. Looks like he was going to have to wait and see.
~3 Months later~
Rini sat on the step, waiting for Jack to come by so he can do a favor for her. A very special and important favor.
She still had that picture of Pitch's daughter and she decided that she was going to buy a locket for that picture so it was kind of a gift for him to show some kindness to him. That's what Man in Moon wanted her to do and she really liked that idea as well.
She looked up and it was Serena.
"Oh, hi Serena"
Serena kneeled down to Rini. "Why are you out here all by yourself?" She asked.
"Oh I'm waiting for Jack" Rini replied.
Serena rose an eyebrow. "For what?"
"So he can take me to Pitch's place so I can give him this" she showed her the oval shaped locket that was silver and had a diamond in the middle of it.
Serena was stunned by its beauty. "Oh Rini. It’s beautiful!"
"Yup! It has a picture of his daughter in it And he's gonna love it!" Rini smiled, optimistically.
"Hey! Wait! How did you afford to buy that locket?" Serena asked, concerned.
"I saved up my allowance" Rini replied with a grin.
"Awww I need to do that sometime!" Serena whined.
Rini giggled and shook her head.
"AAAAH!!!!" Screamed Rini and Serena.
It was Jack, he popped up from out of nowhere, floating upside down.
"Don't do that Frost!" Scolded Serena.
"Oh lighten up Meatball head!" Remarked Jack.
She crossed her arms, "HMPH!"
"Jack! I'm so glad you're here! Hey listen; could you do me a favor?"
"Oh really? What is it, Pinkie?"
She took deep breaths, hoping that he'll agree to this. "Can you take me to Pitch's place?"
"WHAT?!" Jack exclaimed. "For what?"
"To give him this locket?" She showed him the beautiful locket, his expression was like Serena's.
"WOAH! That's a great looking lock- hey wait! How did you buy-"
"Allowance" Serena said.
"Allowance. Ever heard of it?" She asked sarcastically.
"Wasn't asking you!" Jack said in a slight singing tone.
"Please Jack? It won't take long I promise"
Jack sighed. "Okay! But for five minutes! You know how much I don't like Pitch, right?"
Rini giggled. "Yes, I know."
"Good, now hop on!"
Rini jumped on his back.
"We'll be right back! I promise you Serena!"
"Hmph!" She pouted. "You better be"
"Hang on tight, Pinkie!" He shouted excitedly. Him and Rini flew off into the sky to go to Burgess, leaving Serena just standing there in the door, only for her mother to call her for whatever it was she wanted.
~In the Burgess forest~
Jack and Rini finally made it to the forest and from the look on Jack’s face, he didn’t trust Rini talking to his arch enemies but he knew that she wanted to do this for the sake of kindness.
"Are you sure you want to do this, Rini?"
"Mhmm" She nodded in response.
"Okay, be careful. If he tries anything-"
Rini rolled her eyes "Oh Jack, you worry too much! Remember he's nice now so there no need to be worried" Rini began walk inside the lair. It was just as dusty and dirty in the entrance as she remembered.
She looked around for Pitch but all she saw the cages full of those Fearlings.
"Pitch? Are you there?" But all that replied to her was her echo.
She sighed and stood there for a few minutes until a shadow roamed over her. She gasped and turned around, there he was.
She smiled nervously. "H.... Hi Pitch. Uh, long time no see. How’s your daughter?"
“Fine. We have been talking a lot lately now”
“That’s great. Tell her I said hi”
He nodded "I will. So What brings you here into my lair?" He asked.
"Oh nothing, just dropped by to give you this" she showed him the locket that she got for him and gave it to him. He was quite confused at first until he opened the locket and saw a picture of Emily inside.
"Like it?" I still had the picture but the old locket broke, so I got you a new one, with the help of my allowance money" she said proudly with a giggle.
“N… Nobody has ever given me a present before. But why? after everything I put you through? You truly forgive me?”
Rini smiled. “You know what they say, forgive and forget. I’m showing some kindness to you since nobody else would”
He slightly smiled back. “Well then…… thank you Rini, thank you so much” Never thought he would say those words but he did. it was kind of new for him.
Rini nodded. “You’re welcome Pitch. Well, I should be going. Jack’s getting worried about me.
“One more thing Rini”
“Yes? What is it?”
Pitch cleared his throat and glared down at her. “ If you EVER tell anyone about this! I will give you a month of nightmares” He threatened. but he knew that wasn’t going to happen because he wasn’t going to do that for real. “I still have my reputation you know?”
“I understand. Don’t worry, my lips are sealed. It’s only between us, no one else”
Pitch smiled, satisfied. “Good. Now, get out!”
She giggled and said, “Okay! I have a great day, Pitch! I Hope one day you decide that we can become friends”
“Oh, Uh. Well, I’ll think about-”
She hugged him before he could reply to her. He didn’t know why, but he felt the need to hug back, and so he did.
She looked up at him and smiled “Hope that made your day” With that said and done. She skipped out of his lair and climb out of the whole. He just stood there watched as she left. He looked at his new locket in different angles. It was quite beautiful and nice to look at. But He has never in his life received a gift from anyone and that was first for him.
One of his Nightmares showed up from next to him. He turned to one of them and patted it on head.  “I hate to admit it but, she’s a good kid. Hmm, Maybe we will most likely to have some kind of friendship”

~Back outside in the forest~
Rini got out of the lair and it went well for her, Jack could tell just by the happy look on her face.
“So, I’m taking that it went fine?” asked Jack with a smirked.
“It went great!” she answered happily. “He really liked the locket”
“Well, glad it went great. So I guess we should be going”
“Yeah, Meatball head is probably getting worried” He rolled his eyes and chuckled.
“I Know!” She agreed, hopping on his back. “I bet you she’ll be like, WHAT TOOK YOU GUYS SO LONG?! DO YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS?!” She mocked the tone of Serena’s voice.
Jack laughed. “Or Ground you” He added.
They flew off out of the forest laughing and joking about what Serena would say when they got back to Japan.
Even though Rini and Pitch weren’t completely on the level of Friendship the way her and Jack was, for her, it was the start of a beautiful friendship.
A/N: And that is the end of the story and Thank GOD that I am! LOL Not that I hated writing this because I loved writing it. It took me a year to finish this up, the only thing that got in the way was school (which I’m finished and graduated by the way).
Okay, before I end this author’s note and thank you all, I would just like to tell you all that, The last chapter was supposed to be kind of more dark if you know what I mean, it was supposed to be like Rini trying to talk with Pitch then Jack trying attack Pitch by freezing him with his staff then Rini got in the way trying to protect Pitch and accidently hitting her, causing her heart to freeze and she was dies. Jack feels regretful for what he did until Manny appears and brings her back to life for like, you know a reward for act of selflessness or whatever.
So yeah, that’s originally how it was supposed to go but I changed it because I don’t want people think I’m ripping off Frozen lol So I came up with another that was at least my idea.
Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way. Thank you all for reading and I hope you enjoy this whole story, I worked my butt off to make this sequel and to tell you the truth, I didn’t like the way I wrote Rini’s Frosty Day :\ So I think this sequel is better than it. But that’s just my thoughts. Oh and I’m making a little series with Pitch and Rini’s friendship trying to bloom, it won’t be all quick and easy like Jack and Rini’s was, but hey! you know what they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day LOL And I’m also doing a little bit Sailor Moon/Rise of the guardians one shots since it doesn’t have that many stories on here ^_^
As I was saying, I Am truly grateful and blessed for the over 77 reviews (Probably going on 80 since I’m posting this last chapter) that I got and earned. Thank you all for the support and love that you gave to this story and I really appreciate it very much :) Oh! And make sure to read my other Sailor Moon crossover with Frozen which is still in progress lol  And I can’t wait to continue writing that again :D
Again, Thank you all for reading! :D and have a great night/day everyone! Toodles everyone! :D *signs off* 



Scout and Guardians Unite(Chapter 28)-Last Chapter
A/N: Here it is, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…….The Final Confrontation! So sad that this fanfic is coming to an end even though this isn't really the last chapter lol
Aaaand…… LOL I have nothing else to say in this author’s note soooo.... Hang on to your chairs and napkins (if you're the emotional type) because this final confrontation is about to get down and emotional! 3..... 2.... 1......
Sailor Moon went inside the church, she looked around to see if the group was still present. But they were there, just the tons on red and gold seats just like the whole church, windows with images of Jesus Christ and Hail Mary together along with the angels and a lamb just sitting there on the grass. The church was quite stunning and very beautiful.
"Hello? Guys! I'm here!" She called, but the only thing that answered back was her own echo.
She looked over and ran to another door that led to the big attic of the church. She opened the door and as she slowly walked up the stairs, she could hear her friends screaming.
"Oh no! He's got them! Hang on guys! I'm coming!" With that she courageously ran up the stairs to the big attic for Mini Moon and her friends' sake.
Right after, Nature slowly opened the church door entrance, and peeked inside, it was quiet. Too quiet.
"Hello? Sailor Moon?"
She looked over at the wide open door that Sailor Moon left out of.
"Oh, she must have went upstairs; I've got to follow her. I hope she doesn't see me"

Sailor Moon busted open the door and what she saw was appalling. There they were, the scouts and guardians tied up, struggling to get out but unfortunately couldn't.
 She ran over to them. "You guys!" She struggled to break the ropes but it was just no use, they were way too strong and tight to break.
"Don't worry..... About us!" Said Mars through struggles.
"Yeah Moonie! Go.... Save Mini Moon" Jack also said while trying to struggle out of the tight sand ropes but failing each time.
She looked over and he was, Pitch Black just standing there smirking at her, and lastly, Mini Moon. Strapped tight on the stone table with the sand ropes from top to bottom. Even her mouth was covered and all she could do was muffle through it, trying to scream for help.
Her eyes widened with huge shock and fear.
That's right. Fear.
And Pitch loved to see that in hers and the guardians' and scouts' eyes. It made him grow stronger and Sailor Moon knew that how he wanted her to feel but she wasn't going to let him feed that off of her, especially when she knew that Mini Moon was counting on her.
"Mini Moon!" She called to her, almost shedding tears.
Pitch chuckled. "Ah! Sailor Moon, so nice for you to finally drop by. I was going to start this little ceremony without you but I decided that it would be fun to watch you suffer about your little spore turning to my side" he explained while smirking.
"No. NO! YOU WOULDNT DARE! If think you're going to hurt Mini Moon, you're going to have to hurt me instead" Sailor Moon spat.
"Very well" pitch made a sand shaped sword, getting ready to fight and maybe might kill Sailor Moon. "If you say so" he said darkly.
"SAILOR MOON! LOOK OUT!" The scouts and guardians shouted.
He charged right at her but he missed when Sailor Moon dodged him, causing the sword to just attack the brick wall that only had a huge sliced crack in it. He pulled it out and turned his head towards Sailor Moon, he looked like she didn't wanted to fight him but he didn't really care, he just wanted her and the scouts and guardians, especially Jack, defeated and destroyed.
"Pitch wait! I don't-"
But she was cut off by him trying to take a jab at him but he again missed by one percent, meaning that he left a cut on her arm.
"Ah!" She slightly mumbled, holding her right arm.
Pitch laughed at her. "Awww what's the matter, princess? Can't take a minor injury?" He mocked her.
"Pitch, wait! Please-"
Pitch charged at her once again........
"Ugh!" He mumbled loudly as he was stopped by a kick in the stomach..... By Sailor Moon. He dropped down on his knees and his dissolving sand sword, holding his stomach in pain, panting and coughing heavily.
She looked down at him, kneeling to him now finally getting his attention.
"Pitch, I don't want to fight you" she told him in a soft tone.
"WHAT?!" The group exclaimed, couldn't believe what she had just said.
"HMMM????!" Muffled Mini Moon.
He looked up, looking into her blue eyes in disbelief.
"In fact, I wanna talk to you"
Pitch didn't believe that she really wanted to talk and now thinks this is one of her tricks so she can have him defeated once again and she and the others could win. He gritted his teeth showing a scary expression, growling.
Sailor Moon gasped. Before she knew it, Pitch hand was wrapped around her neck, lifting her up with no effort.
"GAH! ERR! LET.....ME.... GO!" She said while he was choking her.
"SAILOR MOON!" The group exclaimed. Jacks face became bright red in anger as he watched Sailor Moon being strangled by Pitch. He struggled hard to get out of those tight hard ropes but they were still not splitting once. There was nothing he could do at this moment but watch in terror.
"Talk?! About what exactly? If you think I’m going to fall for your little peace maker act, you’re sadly mistaken!" He spat.
"Please, I'm...... not trick you! Let me go and just please hear…. me out!!” Sailor Moon tried to struggle through his grip.
He narrowed his eyes at her. “Oh really?! And why should I let you talk it out with me?! What kind of game are you trying to play? Huh, Moon?!”
I know you..... Weren’t always bad. But you.... had a family once….. Didn’t you?"
Pitch eyes widened and his heart skipped a beat when he heard that mention of that. But how did she know about that?
He threw her across the floor, rubbing her neck, trying to catch her breath while coughing. It was a relief for the guardians and scouts that he didn't choke her to death, thank god that he didn't. They thought she was done for and so did she.
Meanwhile, Mother Nature was sitting on the stone cold steps by the door which was creaked so nobody could see or hear her, but she can hear them. She heard the whole fight between her father and Sailor Moon. She was still bitter towards him but she knew she couldn’t be for long.
Pitch walked up to Sailor Moon with a stern and very concerned look on his face. “What did you just ask me?” He growled.
She looked up at him and slowly got up off the ground, hoping that he won’t attack her anymore after hearing this. “I Know this sounds crazy but…… you may act cold and unfeeling but down inside, you’re just misunderstood and also…. lonely. Aren’t you?”
Pitch just stood there and stared at her. He knew that was true but he just didn’t want to admit it to anyone or to himself.
“Didn’t you have a daughter? Her name was Mother Nature” She mentioned. Hoping that the mention of her name will ring a bell.
“What?!” He exclaimed. “How did you-”
Sailor Moon cut him off.
“You can’t lie to me Pitch! Because I just met her earlier in the forest” She explained. She turned around to the scouts and guardians. “That’s why it took me so long for me so long to catch up with you guys and I apologize”
They smiled at her which was their way of saying apology accepted. She turned back around to face Pitch.
"She was really bitter when I mentioned your name. I tried to get her to come see you but.... She refused to. So please, tell me what happened to you, Pitch” she slowly walked up to him then stopped in her track so she wouldn't get too close. "I promise, I won't judge you..... None of us will. So please, tell me what happened"
He heavily sighed. He knew it would hurt him talking about it but it’s going to also hurt more if he didn't.
"Yes Moon" he admitted. "I wasn't always like this. I..... Was human"
"You were..... Human?"
He nodded. "I was a hero as well, and had a family. I was so happy in my old life before all of this"
Everybody in the whole place was shocked at what he just admitted. Especially, the guardians. That's what Mini Moon has been trying to tell her and Jack before she ended in this mess.
"Really? But, then what happened?"
But Pitch just kept silent.
"Pitch, you have to tell me what happened. I can't help you if you don't" Sailor Moon said calmly.
Pitch shook his head and sighed. "I loved my family. I really did. Especially my daughter. One day, I thought she was in danger. So I went for her 'rescue' but then I learned it was all a trick.... By them"
"By who?"
"......the fearlings. It wasn't her at all. I was such a fool back then for falling that trick. Before I knew it, they were all pile up on me. And I became...... This. They made me kill my wife and I was very disgusted of what I did. That's what has happened back then. And my daughter, she was my whole world. I would do anything for her, if she were here right now; I would just tell her straight up that I didn't mean anything that happened. And that..... I love her" he turned away from her slowly so he wouldn't have to let nobody in the area see him, the bogeyman, shed a single tear.
Little did he know, Mother Nature has heard everything that her father just admitted. She couldn't believe that all these years that she was angry at him, all for nothing. And something inside of her started to blossom. She gripped her chest and tears began to roll down her face. "Oh daddy" she sobbed quietly.
Sailor Moon walked up to him rested her hand on his back in reassurance. "Oh Pitch. I'm so sorry that has happened to you"
He wiped his watery eyes and shrugged. "Yeah, but hey! What you can do right?" He replied through sniffles. "It’s all my fault that my daughter hates my guts! And it’s my fault for my loneliness! But this is who I am now. The Boogeyman!"
The guardians felt deeply sorry for Pitch, they took back every bad thing they said about him and so did the scouts as well.
"I wish there was some way I could help you. But first, please let Mini Moon and my friends go"
Pitch lifted his head up and turned around, facing Sailor Moon. Not saying a word. Squinting his at her.
She smiled up at him trustfully "I promise you"
He sighed sadly.
"What's wrong?" She asked.
"Nothing. It’s just that well. Can you bring her to me?" He asked.
"Mother Nature? But I don't know where she is now"
Before they knew, Mother Nature herself busted through the door, catching everyone's attention.
"Nature?" Sailor Moon said. She didn't know that Nature has been listening and thought she had vanished.
"E... Emily?" Said Pitch, couldn't believe she was here, and was she just listening to the whole conversation? He wondered that in his mind but at this moment, it didn't matter.
"FATHER!!!" She called to him through sobs. Her eyes were teary.
"What are you doing-"
Before he could ask, she ran right into his arms and hugged him in embrace. Also causing him and her to be on the floor. He was so surprised that he couldn't say anything.
"Emily. You're..... Hugging me"
She looked up him, tears fell down her face. "Oh I know daddy! I know!"
"Did you hear everything I had just said?" Pitch asked.
"Oh yes father! I've heard everything! I'm so sorry that I was angry with you without knowing why you did it! I'm really sorry!" She apologized.
"So.... Does that mean you-"
"Yes. I forgive you! I love you father"
After hearing those special words, Pitch smiled and tears began to fall, they weren't tears of sadness but tears of joy and happiness. Something he hasn't felt for a very long time.
"I love you too Emily" he replied back with a smile. They both hugged each other. "And I forgive you as well"
Everyone, even Jack surprisingly, smiled at the two, feeling very happy for Pitch. And they never thought they would be.
"Oh, I just love a happy ending" Tooth commented, crying with tears of joy too like the others.
Sailor Moon walked up to the two, kneeling down to their level. "I'm very happy that you two have made up"
Pitch looked at her, smiling. "Thank you so much, Sailor Moon"
She giggled. "Hey! It was nothing!" Rubbing the back of her neck.
"Oh! I forgot something!"
"What?!" Replied both Nature and Moon.
Pitch jolted up from the floor and ran over to a still tied up Mini Moon. He snapped his fingers and the ropes and straps vanished.
She sat up from the stone table, coughed and hit her chest.
"I'm sorry for All the trouble I've caused for you" Pitch apologized remorsefully.
Mini Moon smiled in forgiveness and hugged him. "That's ok. I forgive you"
"HEY! WHAT ABOUT US?!" The scouts and guardians reminded by shouting.
"Oh! Psh! I almost forgot about you too!" Pitch slapped a hand on his forehead dumbfounded and snapped his fingers; the sandy black ropes vanished as well.
They jumped up and stretched.
"Aaah! Feels so good to be free" said Bunnymund.
"You said it" agreed Mars.
"SAILOR MOON! JACK!" Mini Moon exclaimed happily.
"RINI!" They both said back.
She ran into both of their arms.
"Oh Mini Moon I thought we would lose you for good" said Sailor Moon through sobs.
"Well, you were wrong. Here I am! Fine and dandy!" Mini Moon said cutely.
"Pinky I'm so glad you're safe" said Jack. Then he hugged Sailor Moon, who had a surprised look on her face “And I’m glad you’re okay too, Moonie”
She blushed slightly. “Oh, uh, thanks Jack, I’m glad you’re safe too?” she replied, giggling. “Okay Jack, that’s enough. JACK!”
“Oh!” Jack snapped out of it and stopped hugging her, blushing hard, embarrassed. “I… I… I’m sorry Moonie, It’s just that, well….. Oh you know what I meant”
They exchanged giggled.
"Awww how cute!" complimented Venus, jokingly. Everyone laughed at them.
“Oh shut up you guys! It’s wasn’t like that!” Sailor Moon yelled.
Mini Moon turned around smiling. "There's something I need to do"
They got a confused look on their face. Mini Moon ran up behind Nature and Pitch.
"What is it?"
"I'm really glad that you don't feel lonely anymore and I hope someday, we can be friends"
Nature and Pitch looked at each other then Mini Moon, smiling.
He looked up and rubbed his chin, pretended that he was thinking about it. "Hmmmm, maybe" he replied.
She giggled and turned to Mother Nature, curtsying to her. "Hello Mother Nature, it’s very nice to meet you"
Flattered, Mother Nature curtsied to her as well, "and it’s very nice to meet you too, Mini Moon"
They exchanged smiles.
The groups walked up from behind.
"Pitch" Tooth began to apologize "we are deeply sorry for-"
But he held his hand up, cutting her off. "It’s fine. It’s fine. You're all forgiven"
"GROUP HUUUG!" Shouted North.
"HUH?!" Said the scouts, confused.
"Oh no!" Said Jack.
Before they all knew it, everyone, including Pitch and Nature, were all under North's big strong arms. Almost suffocating them.
"Ah! He's squishing us!" Said Mini Moon through struggles.
"Hey Santa! You could, Oh I don't know, LET US GO BEFORE WE SUFFOCATE TO DEATH!" yelled Sailor Moon.
"Oh! Sorry" He let them all go, letting them breathe. "Sorry, I get a little too passionate"
"So what's next for you and Mother Nature?" Sailor Moon asked them.
"Well, we were thinking of trying to spend more father and daughter time together-"
"BUT ONLY if I'm not busy" Added Pitch.
She crossed her arms and rolled her eyes, smirking.
"What? It’s true" said Pitch.
"Whatever father" she giggled in response.
"Oh before we go, I would just like to say....... Frost, we're still not friends so don't get any ideas, no offense"
Jack shrugged. "None taken" He replied in a smirk.
"And I apologize to all of you for putting you through all of this tonight and I hope you will find it your hearts to forgive me. If you don't, I completely understand"
"So father, I believe we should be going" reminded Mother Nature.
"I believe so" said Pitch.
With that, they left into the darkness together; going to god knows where they went.
"And I think we should be going too" said Sailor Moon.
Everyone agreed with her and nodded.
Finally, A happy ending for all of them, especially Mini Moon, Pitch and Mother Nature. Not only was Nature was saved from her long time grudge but she also found it in her heart to forgive. Which was a very hard thing for her to do but she did and now, her and her father can finally have a second chance.
A second chance to be a family again.
A/N: YAY A Happy ending for the boogeyman! :D did you cry? If so, here's a tissue *gives you Kleenex*
If not, well, that's Ok. I'm not completely the emotional type either xD
I hope you guys enjoy this final confrontation chapter. If you’re wondering if Pitch will fall in love and get married? The answer is.... Maybe ;) and Yes, Jack has a crush on Sailor Moon/Serena/Usagi (or whatever you want to call her xD I prefer to call her Serena) And I think she’s starting to suspect it too LOL!
Anyways, see you guys in the next and final chapter *sniffs* are you guys upset that this is ending? Cuz I am :'( I had such a blast writing this and having fun with it. Have a great day/night lovely readers! *blows kisses to you all* toodles! X3
Scouts and Guardians Unite! (Chapter 27)


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