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A/N: OMG I Forgot about the cats when I Was writing chapter 13 lol XD Oh gosh I'm so forgetful sometimes x3 Ok, let's pretend that the cats were with Moon and Mini Moon when they getting chased by Pitch's nightmares lol anyways, enjoy this chapter!


Moon tilted her head to the side, raising an eyebrow, blinking as she couldn't believe what she was seeing..... In a sleigh?! "Is... Is that who I think-"


Jack smiled widely, "YES! They're finally here!" 


"It's the guardians!" Said Mini Moon happily. 


"That's right sheila!" said Bunnymund to Mini Moon, the boomerang coming back to him. "It's us!" 


The other scouts blinked their eyes, kind of shocked. The sleigh landed down to the ground, the guardians jumped out of the sleigh. At last, they finally met the scouts but.... all both of the teams did was stare at each other awkwardly and confused. They blinked at each other again, silent, too stunned to say anything to each other. 


"Oh uh, So these are the five warriors that Manny was taking about, eh ? But I Didn't know they would be wearing... skirts ?" Said North in his thoughts.


"Woah! When Manny said we would be teamin' up with five warriors, he didn't say they would all be... girls ? I Gotta admit the one in the red heels is pretty ho- what am I Saying?! I'm here to do what I'm supposed to do! protect the little pink bugga and defeat that son of a gun Pitch!" Said Bunnymund in his thoughts, snapping out of it. 


Sandy went all goo-goo eyed at Sailor Venus, which kind of creeped her out a bit.


"Hmm I Guess that's the sandman. But why is he staring at me like that ? kinda creeping me out" Thought Venus. 


To get out of the awkwardness, they decided to introduce each other. 


"Well, um, Hello. I'm Bunnymund, the Easter bunny!" greeted Bunnymund arrogantly. Jack rolled his eyes at him, "More like Easter Kangaroo" 


"I'm Toothiana, the tooth fairy but everyone calls me tooth" She nervously chuckled, rubbing her arm up and down.


"And I'm the Santa Clause but PLEASE call me North"


Sandy just stood there, mouth gaping at Venus, she blushed, feeling kind of uncomfortable. "SANDY!" Jack called his name. He snapped out of it and looked at Bunny. "It's kinda rude to stare, mate" Sandy blushed, embarrassed. He spelled out his name in yellow sand formed letters.


"Oh and We're the guardians, yeah I Know, we don't look as awesome to you as you imagined, eh?" Said Bunnymund sarcastically.


"Well, Uh, Nice to meet you?" said Jupiter, nervously. "I'm Sailor Jupiter"


"I'm Sailor Venus"


"I'm Sailor Mercury" 


"and I'm Sailor Mercury and we are the Sailor Scouts"


"Oh, so you must be the five warriors" Said Tooth.


"Yeah we are, but we're mostly called the Sailor Scouts" Explained Mars. "But how did you guys know that ?"


"Oh, it's pretty silly actually" Tooth giggled nervously.


Luna and Artemis came up from behind Moon. "Excuse us" Said Luna. The guardians looked down at them, eyebrows raised. "Please do not be started by us because we are talking felines. My name is Luna and this is Artemis"


"Please to make your acquaintance, guardians" said Artemis." It's nice to finally meet you. We are also associated with the scouts and are here to help protect Mini Moon as much as you do" 


"Oh, uh, Nice to meet you too ?" Said North, looking at the other guardians with confused looks on their faces.


Pitch just stood there in disgust, looking down and watching their little meet and greet thing while growing slowly impatient as he always was.


"You guys finally made it!" Mini Moon said happily, running over to them and smiling. They turned their attention to the little Pink haired scouts, all smiling at her. 


"Hey Little Ankle Biter! How have ya been?" Asked Bunny. "I See you're a little scout yourself" he smirked, impressed.


"I've been good and yeah, I've been one for a while now" she replied, smiling. 


"Hello Rini, it's good to see you again" Said Tooth. "Have you been brushing and flossing every day ?" she asked sweetly before giggling.


Mini Moon nodded, "Yes I Have Tooth" she smiled at the beautiful fairy.


"Oh You look so cute in your little sailor outfit" She squealed. 


"Um, Thanks" She blushed and smiled a little. She turned to Sandy, he waved as she smiled at him. "Oh Hi Sandy!" She joyfully greeted him.


North suddenly grabbed Mini Moon and hugged her tightly, “Nice to see you little pink haired girl" he said.


"Uh... Nice to see you again to but you're squishing me!" She struggled to get a breath. He let go and apologized.


"HEY! WHAT ABOUT ME" Yelled Moon, trying to get their attention. They looked over at Sailor Moon, The first thing that they noticed was those odangos on her head. "I'm Sailor Moon! and I'm right here ya know! What am I ? Invisible?"


"AH! Nice to meet you Sailor Moon! You must be the leader of the scouts" Said North, smiling. Moon smiled arrogantly. "Why yes, yes I am"


"And you also must be the lazy, klutzy, meatball head girl Jack has been telling me about" She switched her head at the frost boy and glared at him; he shrugged and smirked at her, trying not laugh.


"FROOOOST!" She yelled.


"What ? You're hair does kind of look like meatballs" Teased Jack.


She balled up her fist and waved her fist at him, "Oh Frost! Why I Outta- Wait" She looked over at scouts, noticing that they could see the guardians as much as she did. "WAIT! You guys can see them-" Sailor Moon gasped in surprise. "You DO BELIEVE IN THEM TOO?! And you thought I'M Infantile for still believing in them!?" Moon exclaimed.


They looked at each other confused. "What are you talking about ? What do you mean can we see them?" Asked Sailor Mars. "They're right in front of us obviously"


"Anyone who believes in them can see them! that's what I’m talking about!" 


The scouts blushed at each other, embarrassed. Moon smirked and crossed her arms. "You guys have some explaining to do" She had a slight singing tone to her voice.


Pitch then got extremely impatient and couldn't take no more of the conversations that the scouts and the guardians were having, so he rudely interrupted them by yelling at them to get their attention. "ENOUGH!"


Everyone looked up at him, getting his attention. 


"I Had enough of little meet and greet! I thought you arrogant weirdos weren't coming!" The boogeyman spat. 


Bunny smirked. "Well you thought wrong Pitch! No matter what you throw at us, no matter how how powerful, you will never get Rini!"


Pitch snorted arrogantly at the Australian Easter Bunny. "HA! We'll just see about that, Rabbit!" 


Mini Moon glared up at him but at the same time she worried. But with all her heart she trusted the scouts and the guardians to protect her from the boogeyman. 


With that, Pitch was getting ready to release his nightmares on the heroes. The scouts were giving a look of anticipation and readying to fight again, and so did the guardians, who were readying to fight along beside them. North, Tooth, Bunny, Jack and even Tooth readied their weapons, yes, Tooth does have weapons of her own, her wings. But despite their harmless appearance, they were sharp as swords, sharp enough to even cut through hard wood.


Pitch evilly grinned down at them and he was about to sic his nightmares on them. "NIGHTMARES! ATTACK!" He shouted. And Round two of the big battle has started, The ground sounded like a herd of wild Wilde beast. The heroes and nightmares had charged at each other, colliding. 


Mars attacked the nightmares with her fireball attack one by one. She missed one, flinching as the nightmare was going to stomp on her. Luckily, Bunnymund came in just in time to her rescue by using his boomerang to destroy the nightmare. She turned around and saw it was him, she blushed a little. "T-Thanks" She said, smiling a little. "Nice aim" she complimented.


"You're welcome" he also slightly blushed. "Thanks, You're quite good yourself" he responded back to the back haired scout. They smiled at each other but shortly and quickly ended with seven nightmares surrounding them, They glared at them, smirking. "You take the ones on the left" said Mars. Bunny held his boomerang in confidence. "And I'll Take the ones the right" Said Bunnymund.


Venus and Tooth, Jupiter and North, Mercury and Sandy fought together two by two against the nightmares. And the Cats were with Mini Moon and Jack, making sure that the little pink haired scouts didn't get out of their sight. Moon was too busy running from them and dodging them. "AAAHH! Get away from me you creepy things!!!" She yelled. Two of them tried to jump her, causing her to flinch and crouch, putting her hands behind her head. A Ray of snow and a light of pink hearts hit the two nightmares, destroying both of them. She turned around and saw Mini Moon and smirking Jack Frost, "You're welcome Meatball head" He teased. "Stop calling me that Frost!" She scolded.


"No Time for teasing now Jack!" Reminded Luna. 


"Yeah, let's continue doing what we have to do" Agreed Artemis. 


Jack smirked and nodded. "Come on guys! so many nightmares to destroy, so little time!"


Sailor Moon looked at him irritably, "You always wanted to say that, didn't you?"




Venus fell on the ground right in front of them and then got back up like nothing could stop her. 


"Hey! What are we standing here for? Let's kick their butts!" ordered Jack. Moon nodded and smirked. "Come on Pinkie!" He said as he ran off with Sailor Moon to re-entered the fight. She nodded but then she heard an evil chuckle coming from the alleyway and saw Pitch's shadow in there. She glared, furrowing her eyebrows at it. 


"Pitch, that creep! Now's my chance to confront him again. I'll Show him who's boss! and maybe he will have a taste of his own medicine! I'm not afraid of him! not even a little bit.... I Think..... I hope not" She thought but at the same time she was kind of worried. With that, she turned around to make sure anyone wasn't following her, it was her chance to confront the arrogant boogeyman and show him who's the afraid one and who is the weaker link. She zoomed into the dark alleyway courageously. As Luna was going to help the others, she stopped and turned around, noticing that the pink haired hero was going into the alleyway for some reason. "Where is she going ? I Have to follow her to make sure she doesn't get hurt" The Puzzled and worried Black cat thought. 


A/N: OOO This is getting more interesting ;D Oh and If you’re wondering about the Bunny and Mars thing, It was for one of my friends who ships them she believes they are alike, which kinda makes you think. They both are serious, they both can be hot tempered at times They both have a love-hate sibling like relationship with the main protagonist and they both are kinda of harsh sometimes but they are caring at heart and etc. LOL Plus, if they totally had time, they would make a cute couple XD But that’s just me and my friend’s thoughts.


Mars and Bunnymund: HEY! *blushes*


Me: What? It’s true X3


Bunnymund: I Don’t even know her! *blushes*

Me: Then get to know each other, ya big softy! X3


Bunnymund: HMPH!


Jack: HAHA! Bunny’s got a new girlfriend! XD




Jack: No thanks ;3


Me: Oh Jack! I Didn’t forget you either! You and Venus would make a cute couple too since you guys are kinda alike in some way x3


Jack and Venus: WOAH WHAT!? *blushes* O.O


Bunnymund: HAHA! Now what Frostbite! You got yourself a girlfriend too! XD


Jack: OH Shut up! -.-


Me: LOL You guys do fight like Mars and Moon X3 See what I’m telling you Bunny, You act like you hate Jack but like Mars, you deeply care for him, am I right? ;)


Bunnymund: ……………….


Me: HAHA! Speechless! XD I Win! ;) Anywho, I Hope you all of you lovely readers have enjoyed this epic chapter. To be honest, this chapter is one of my personal favorites that I have written lol I Have come up with so many ideas for this story it’s not even funny :D I Can’t wait to write the next chapter :) Stay tuned for chapter 15 where Mini Moon finally confronts the smooth, seductive, se- I Mean, ARROGANT AND VAIN PITCH BLACK! *blushes*


Pitch: You think I’m sexy eh huh ? ;)


Me: *laughs nervously* I Didn’t mean like that I just- Okay! Time to close this author’s note! As I said before, I Hope you all enjoyed this chapter and tell me what you think of it as well :) Have a great day/night my lovelies! :D 

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