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August 22, 2013
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A/N: Ok I Know this is too soon but I've already found a theme song for this story lol It's Eyes Open by Taylor Swift and Even though you might not like Taylor, you gotta admit that this song is amazing :D Writing this story won't be easy cuz I'm trying not to write anything stupid or things that don't make any sense ;( This sequel will still be serious but at the same time still have some funny and cute moments :) Anyways, enjoy this chapter :D

The Next day after Raye had the vision last night, Raye called the girls to her temple and told Serena to tell Rini to go to the park with her friends because she didn't want Rini to get scared when she tells the girls about the vision.

"What's up Raye ? What's wrong ? Do we have a new enemy or something ?" Serena asked.

Raye bit her lip nervously.

"I Had a vision about Rini" she admitted.

The girls gasped loudly.

"Oh no! Is she in danger ?!" Serena exclaimed.

Raye nodded.

Serena shot Raye a worried but concerned look.

"What was the vision about Raye ?" Lita asked.

"Yeah Raye! We have to know, especially me!" said Serena.

Raye just sat there silent, the girls were really concerned about what she had seen in her vision.

"Come on Raye! We gotta know for Rini's sake!" said Lita.

Raye sighed and finally got the guts to tell them.

"Guys, I Don't know how to say this but…. Rini was in a cage….. in a dark cave"

The girls gasped again but Serena gasped the hardest.

"In a cage ?! in a cave ?! What was she doing in there ?" Asked Serena concerned.

"I Guess someone kidnapped her but not by anyone I've seen before, He wasn't human….. not even a little bit. He was tall, had grey skin, and piercing yellow eyes. I Don't know what he is" Raye explained, trying to remember what Rini's kidnapper looked like.

"What could this enemy possibly want with a little girl like Rini ?" Asked Amy.

"I Don't know, He said something about destroying us… and guardians"

The girls gave Raye a confused look except Serena, who knew what Raye was talking about. She quickly remembered almost two years ago about Rini and her best friend Jack telling her about the guardians on Christmas day, she remembered their names and everything.

"But What guardians ? people from the moon kingdom? If not, Who ?" Asked Mina confused.

"I Said I Don't know. I'm going have to find out right now sooner or later, if not, This kidnapper might seriously hurt Rini! And All I Know is that we are going to protect Rini from this guy no matter what happens!"

Serena looked down at the table with a gut feeling thinking about telling Raye and the others about the guardians but for Rini's sake she had tell to them.

"Um Raye ? There's something I Need to tell you and the girls" Said Serena.

~At the park~

Meanwhile, Rini was at the park with Melissa, Who was playing with one of Rini's other friend. Rini was sitting on a bench wondering why Raye and the other girls didn't want her to come to the meeting.

"What's going on ? Why didn't they want me there ? Was it something I Did ?... Or Am I in some kind in some kind of danger ?" Rini asked herself.

"Hey Rini! we Have to go home now because we're going to the amusement park! Wanna come?!" Asked Melissa yelling to her.

"No! you guys go ahead!" replied Rini.

Melissa Shrugged and waved at Rini as her and her other friend ran out of the park.

Rini looked up at the sky and quickly thought of her old friend who she hadn't seen in a while, Jack. (Well duh!) A Cold wind hit Rini in the face but she was too worried to even care.

"Jack, I Miss you so much. It would be cool if you would just come by just once, you don't have to stay long, I Just wanna see you. I Might be in danger Jack and If you're not there, I Don't know what will happen"

"Aww Pinkie, that's really sweet of you!" said a familiar voice from behind Rini.

Yup we all know who that would be lol ;)

Jack: Yup! The one and only-

Me: Snowman! LOL XD

Jack: You're not funny ok, BRATney?!

Me: -.-'

Jack: HA! Point one for the ice prince! ;D

Me: whatever -.- Well I Hope you guys enjoyed this chapter and I Will upload the next chapter maybe Tomorrow and tell what you think of this so far if you want :3 Bye for now! :D
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KitsuneWerdio Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013
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